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about Ajmer

Ajmer is a holy town, most popular for the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, where tourists flock all-round the year and especially during the holy months. Both tourists and Muslims take an Ajmer holiday package from all over the country, for it is said that anyone who makes a wish at the mosque is granted what he wished for. The Dargah (‘the mosque’) is very lively, culturally very rich; within the mosque one would find people praying, eating and singing at the same time at the same place. One can see hues and shades of all categories of people, rich and poor alike, who come to pay obeisance at the mosque.

The impressive part of the mosque is getting to it; walking through the Big Gate and the Small Gate, walking next to the large ‘rice making Handis’ to finally get to the mosque; the good part is witnessing tons of rice being made in the handis and served to all alike.

Ajmer, is not only known for the Dargah, but also for Pushkar, which is less than hour away from Ajmer, which is again a holy city popular for the Pushkar lake and the Pushkar Camel fair. Along with the Ajmer tour packages, Pushkar tour packages and Pushkar holiday packages are also extremely popular. Tourists flock the destination also for performing last rites and rituals of their loved ones. One has to be careful with touts and people asking for money.

The Pushkar Camel fair is one notable event at the destination. Not just Camels are traded at the 4-day exhibition, more than 50,000 animals of varied categories are on display-cum-sale. Horses, Cows, Buffalos, Cattle, Sheep and more. The event is quite colourful, the animals are dressed and decorated with outstanding outfits, fed with great food, towards the evening the animal dance show takes places and the event is fun-filled. Photographers from all the world come to cover and capture the event in the cameras. So if you are planning a Ajmer tour package and want to carry on towards Pushkar for the fair, Traveoport Holiday package suggest you book well ahead in advance to get the best hotels and best deals.

Ajmer though being a small tourist city, is favorite among tourists and many inns and hotels look-up to them, as they come and stay for months together. The city boasts of population who takes bikes and cycles on rent for travelling, when they come for staying at the destination.

Ajmer, also the city of Ajmer Fort, is royal city in many terms. Rich, creamy, gravy and traditional Indian Ghee, Oil and butter is used for food and cuisines in good quantity, making it very rich and aromatic; but is very high in calories and fats (so consume with care and caution); the nearest airport is Jaipur and the destination is well connected by the Indian rail network from all over the country. One can carry loads of sweets gift for loved ones, the city is famous for.

If you wish to take an Ajmer tour package from Delhi or Mumbai or Gujarat or anywhere in India, call Traveoport Holiday tour package Travel Advisor. Happy travelling!