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Bangkok - Phuket - Krabi - 6 Nights / 7 Days

The Bangkok - Phuket - Krabi holiday tour package are some of the highly sought after tour packages one can take, as one is planning to visit the destination. 

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about Bangkok

Bangkok, the city of smiles, Thai Smiles, is an interesting Honeymoon destination. Shopping, Food, Cruise, Beach, Lifestyle, Fashion, Malls, Adventure, Luxury, Economy, Transport, Hotels, Spa, Temples; it has almost everything under the sun. Add to it the easy VoA facility at the Swarnabhoomi International Airport along with great connectivity, Thailand and Bangkok honeymoon packages are extremely popular. Once you land in the city, the only thing you need to negotiate is heavy traffic and nothing else.

Thailand top 10 most popular honeymoon destinations include Pattaya (the nightlife city), Krabi (the luxury city), Phuket (great beach destination), Hua Hin (the slow paced one), Chiang Mai (neat and clean), Chiang Rai (the White temple city), Patong (beaches again), Koh Samui (for beaches and spa), Karon (beaches again) and finally Maret (the green city).

For those who prefer Luxury, Krabi is the best. Long beach stretches and chicken rock islands. Beaches and hotels in Phuket are great (a little dirty though), Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai are new destinations, so unexplored yet. Pattaya is obviously most popular (just an hour by road from the Bangkok airport) and Hua Hin is a slow paced city with not much activity in the day time (again a very short drive from Bangkok city). Hua Hin is also a popular wedding destination of Thailand as it offers variety of hotels along the beach and coastline, making a perfect backdrop for the wedding nuptials.

But out of the lot if you are just looking at one destination to give you everything on a platter in Thailand, its Bangkok. It has everything, you just name it. For those who are unaware, Asiatique Riverfront Night market is a great new evening destination. After you finish the Chao Praya River and Dinner Cruise, head straight to the Asiatique and have a good time. The Bangkok honeymoon packages from Delhi get sold out like anything. For those wanting to relax, the city offers spa and therapeutic experiences, a great way to connect with your better half and simply relax.

Food and Cuisines options are unlimited and Thai food itself is great. My favourite is Vegetarian Tomyum Soup and Thai Green Curry with rice. Simply Yummy.

Connect with us if you are looking at Bangkok honeymoon packages from India, anywhere in India, over 300 options available only for Thailand Honeymoon, to suit every pocket and taste.

Bangkok is truly an amazing world class cosmopolitan city.One can rub shoulders with almost all nationalities of the world in Bangkok.Whether it is for leisure or business, Bangkok is a destination loved by all.Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Hotels, Shopping, Nightlife, Transportation, Airport,Connectivity, Street Food, Pubs; all deserves great applause. Except for thetraffic congestion during peak office hours, Bangkok is incredible. The amazingexperience begins with landing at the Swarnabhoomi Airport and ends with greatshopping as one departs from the airport. The airport is extremely huge and theshopping out of the world. The Bangkok - Pattaya holiday tour package or the Bangkok - Phuket - Krabi holiday tour package are some of the highly sought after tour packages one cantake, as one is planning to visit the destination. Easy visa on arrival process makes Bangkok - Pattaya holiday smooth and convenient. Read #12 Best Places to Visit in Thailand.