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about Bodhgaya

Bihar – the Magadha as it was called in history, gets its original name from ‘Vihara’ meaning monastery -  the center of power, learning and culture. The second largest state in India, Magadha, has been the center of the great dynasties of Maurya and Gupta, Pala. Buddhism, Jainism is one of the most popular religions of the world arose from here. Prince Siddharth got enlightenment in Bihar and became Buddha; Mahavir (Jain religion leader) was also born in Bihar and started spreading the knowledge of peace and unity in world. 

Bihar is globally known for Buddha temple – Bodh Gaya – a once in lifetime to be visited destination by all. Bihar also has its roots in history for Gandhi non-violent movement Ahinsa and Satyagraha from Champaran district.

Bihar is the land of religions and temples - The Jain Jal Mandir at Pawapuri, the Buddhist monasteries at Rajgir and Bodhgaya, the Vishnupad Temple at Gaya, the Shiv Temple at Areraj in East Champaran, the Cathedrals in Patna and Bettiah, the mausoleums dotting the Sufi arc from Patna to Sasaram and the Harmandir Saheb, Guru Gobind Singh’s birthplace, at Patna sahib, are all where the faithful find peace with themselves and the world.
Bihar has rich tradition of culture, songs and dances, handicrafts and festivities. It is also home to eco-tourism sites at Bheembandh, the call of the wild in Valmiki Tiger Reserve at Valmikinagar and the sighting of birds nestling at the Kanwar lake. The state is festivity unbound. Festivals are celebrated with gaiety right through the year. 

For the sweet tooth people, Bihar is rich. First the sweet nothing – Patna’s ‘Anarsa’, Gaya’s ‘Tilkut’, Silao’s ‘Khaja’, Maner’s ‘Laddoo’, Imarti and Lai. The ‘Makhanas’ in Darbhanga and Madhubani with sugar a fine snack, and stirred into ‘Kheer’ with milk, an Aha dessert.
Today the state destination is growing and progressing at a fast pace and shedding off its old appeal of an agriculture based economy. With modern infrastructure, roads and real estate the destination is on its way to becoming an industrial hub of the east.