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Cairo - Nile Cruise Packages

Cairo - Nile Cruise - 7 Nights / 8 Days

The Cairo - Nile river cruise is an amazing combination of Land package of visiting the wonders of Egypt - The Great Pyramid of Giza and a cruise on the rich, fertile and romantic Nile, with ...

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about Cairo - Nile

Egypt is a 3000 years ancient civilization destination, world famous for monuments and sights - namely, the Great Pyramid of Giza, The Great Sphinx and the Temple of Luxor. Egypt is also known for its art, architecture and burial techniques. The Egyptians love beer, honey, sugar, wine and bread, as a result they are known to have heavier waistlines. They are outstanding skilled craftsmen, when it comes to work. Their art includes Pharaohs. A large number of Egyptian community also are good medical practitioners and Egyptian medical science study and curing technique is well known.

A large part of Egypt is sheer dry desert – the Libyan and the Sahara. And the world’s longest river – Nile – passes through the country. 

The rich, fertile and romantic Nile offers a great Cruise opportunity in the region and is the most enjoyable part of the travel to Egypt. In good olden times, Egyptians used to play dart board games along the river Nile, as a good pass-time and for relaxing moments. Now the most famous sport of the country is Football. The destination offers great nightlife, hotel choices, Red Sea Scuba diving, Grand Opera, and more.

As one takes a holiday package to Egypt, the traveller and holiday maker can add Jordan and Jerusalem along and witness more facets of history and religion. The cross over between Jordan and Jerusalem is just a couple of minutes and the even to Egypt is quite close. Talk to your travel advisor.