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about Krabi

Krabi is a peaceful, high-end luxury destination of Thailand. If you are looking for a calm and relaxing Thailand holiday tour package, Krabi is the right destination to be. The Krabi airport is quite far from the city limits, and one has to get closer to the beautiful beaches, for all hotels are located along the coast. There is notmuch to do in the city and therefore, hotels have provided all facilities inside the premises. A beach, the leisure, the food, the spa; do visit the Chicken Islands right in the centre of the island via hotel speed boats or hire one for yourself. The speed boat ride is an impressive one, as one can enjoy the thrill in the sea. Ideal destination for honeymooners, Krabi is also favorite for long-stay tourists.

Krabi is the most luxurious and hi-end destination in Thailand, an hour flight from Bangkok Swarna bhoomi International Airport. Not much in the city to do, but finest and choicest global hotel chains can be seen spread in semi-circular format along the ocean. The ocean front offers the best view of the destination. The huge chicken rocks right in the middle of the ocean make a great selfie moment. Krabi is the primary honeymoon destination of Thailand and young couple choose Krabi honeymoon packages from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Not just Thailand honeymoon, a lot of families also opt for Krabi tour packages, for Krabi means hi-end destination.

One will not be surprised if we say, Charter flights from Europe bring hi-end tourists who rent out hotels around the beach, for weeks together and laze around, have fun, read books amidst the greens and beaches. The speed boat is an amazing way to enjoy the Ocean, taking you through variety of beaches and around Chicken rocks. Get down, get into your swim suits and enjoy the sands and the water. Have a good time walking around the beach in the evening, the atmosphere is romantic, and celebrate moments together.

Krabi town does not offer much at all. The airport is quite a distance from the main beach front and the ocean, however one can witness a village like deserted city with local food shops around. No shopping malls, cinema or any other form of entertainment, so it is highly recommended to select a good hotel, which is a destination within. Adventure and Water sports activities are available; Canoeing, Rock-climbing, fishing, swimming, and more.

The best part of Krabi is its food and cuisine choices. Best of fish, wines, rice, beer, mango, marine delicacies, and more are simply mouth-watering. Try the famous Thom-yum-soup (with or without noodles) and have a great time once you choose a Krabi holiday tour package for yourself and your family.