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about San Francisco - LA - Vegas

USA is one of the greatest destinations of the world. A whole big story in itself. Everyone’s dream destination, must atleast once-in-a-lifetime, it has everything under the sun, without an exception. Period.
Start from the East Coast - the very popular New York, Washington (the Political capital), Boston, Virginia, Orlando Florida (in the south) and going towards the east coast of San Francisco, Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and more. Life is quite interesting in the US and great emphasis is on holiday, travel, strictly 5-day work week, strictly 2-day a week for total enjoyment and family. But the complex part is Business, which is 24x7 - a destination that never sleeps, especially New York - the big apple, the Silicon Valley.

In all the ‘best’ destination for travel, for all flavours and fabric of like.
And what best you can and you should explore this part of the Western World at one go in 15 days straight. Highly recommended.