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Awesome Sunderbans - 3 Nights / 4 Days

The cruise holiday package gives you an opportunity to experience the biodiversity of tiger reserve. Also lets you have first-hand exposure to farming, paddy husking, honey packing and fishi ...

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about Sunderbans

At the tip of the Ganges is a mystic mangrove forest on the myriad of islands. Impenetrable mangrove forests, winding rivers, Lush Sundari trees, water changing its colour at every creek from muddy river to emerald blue sea, narrow creeks to several miles wide rivers, where the man and man eaters eat fish to survive, crabs climb the tree, tiger swim long distances and mighty crocodile bask in the sun. 

This is a wonderland indeed and to be explored through waterways only. From the north to the south east to west, the cruise transverses the entire area anchoring at the most exotic waters. Sunderban Tiger reserve, Mangrove forest walking, Experiencing the village life, Visit to the local fish market, Folk theatre performance by the Villagers.

Embarkation: Gadkhali Jetty, Sunderbans
Disembarkation: Jetty at Millennium Park, Kolkata.