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about Tibet

Tibet is certainly the centre of Culture, located in China, Asia. Also the land of famous religious leader – the holy Dalai Lama – a messenger of peace in the world, who fights for the people of Tibet who have been suffering. Tibet is an independent Buddhist nation, under the governance of China, derives more learning’s from religion rather than science. Tibet is known to have less contact with the rest of the world. The rivers of Tibet supply water to a large part of Asia and the destination is extremely rich in natural resources.

Tibet is an extremely cold nation, culturally very strong, values – traditions – culture – family are most important for the people. Music, dance, worship and prayers are integral part of Tibetian culture. The traditional national dress of Tibet is ‘Chuba’ for both men and women. However, over years new fashion trends have emerged and Chuba has gone colourful as well. Jewellery for women too is part of daily couture. Cheese, Jagery and Momos are famous food for Tibetians.

Tibet is full of valleys and mountains and is breathtakingly picturesque. Amazing photography travel is popular in Tibet.