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Visakhapatnam Honeymoon Packages

Awesome Vishakhapatnam - 3 Nights/ 4 Days

Vishakhapatnam is the cleanest beach destination in Andhra Pradesh. One can enjoy the huge ships anchored right along the beach, as the destination is one of the biggest harbours as well.

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about Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is one of South India’s best coastal and beach destinations for a holiday package. The longest beach road in India is in Visakhapatnam and one can see the same from a hilltop. The Kailasa Giri temple of the hilltop with a few hundred steps gives a panoramic glimpse of the entire city. Also the Visakhapatnam ‘port’ city is the harbor home to many Indian and international ships that come to the dock. One can see huge ships from the hotel room window if you are staying at the beach. Infact the best hotel chains are right on the beach in Visakhapatnam city. No wonder it is also called the Jewel of the East Coast. We suggest you book one of them on your next Visakhapatnam holiday package tour.

The city has tall coconut trees all around, best connectivity by rail, air and bus from all over the country. Visakhapatnam is also a great Industrial town. Also known as the business city of the South India, some of the big conventions and conferences happen in Visakhapatnam.

Women love to shop as Visakhapatnam is home for Silks and Kanchevarrams, enjoy the typical south Indian food platter morning and evening, with authentic spices and herbs from neighboring cities. Coffee, and especially filter coffee is common. A visit to temples gives your sense of calm and peace within. People in the Visakhapatnam city are God-fearing, humble and down-to-earth and so is the case with all four South Indian states. Life is quite simple, and there is no excess show-off. A relaxing place for a three-four day Visakhapatnam holiday tour package.

Now that the destination has become of a part of the newly formed state Andhra Pradesh, the infrastructure of the city is bound to get better by the day. A large Convention Centre is already in the city, infact right overlooking the beach and another one is being planned. Visakhapatnam is all set to get a major boost in Tourism development, as a series of initiatives have been started to bring inbound tourists into the city.

Vishakhapatnam (popularly called Vizag) is truly awesome. If you love the long beaches, Vishakhapatnam offers the longest beachline of the country (approx. 72 kms). And if you love the huge ships anchored right in front of you on the beach, Vizag is the way to go. If you visit during monsoons, it is doubly beautiful, as the city is lush green, full of tall coconut trees. Also, the cascading waterfalls of the city are then in their full steam. Small city, big coastal line, great selfie destination, Vizag is ideal for a 2-3 day break from the routine. 

The destination offers almost all luxury hotel chains, right overlooking the beach. And many budget accommodations as well. Taste the rich South Indian cuisine with local flavours and specially enjoy the lemon curd rice.

Being a harbour city, where many cruiseliners and cargo ships anchor, the city has a sub-marine museum. On the outskirts of the city are the waterfalls and Borra Borra Caves, within the city umpteen beaches, gardens and temples offer sightseeing choices.

Please talk to Traveoport Travel Consultant for a Visakhapatnam holiday tour package from anywhere in India and overseas. Happy holidaying.